Our top 10 videos of 2013!

by Sarah Quinn on 24 December 2013

So as 2013 comes to a close, we thought we’d share with you our favourite videos! We’ve had a great year at Wyzowl and with the help of all of our clients, we’ve been able to create plenty of cracking videos.

Unfortunately we couldn’t pick them all, but after careful consideration and hours of debate, we’ve narrowed down our top 10 videos of 2013. Check them out below…

10: Kahn Tools

Kahn Tools is an online distributer that is dedicated to selling American-made products so they can create and save jobs for American manufacturers.

Why do we love this video?

It’s visually appealing and the message is clear and concise.

09: Freenom

Freenom is a company that offers domain names for free! This game changing company came to us for a video because they wanted to recruit more people to their team.

Why do we love this video?

The style of the video is great. It has nice transitions, typography and texture.

08: Contact me, Call me

Offering an alternative dating service, Contact Me, Call Me, is a service that allows you speak to people you are interested in, before you go on a date.

Why do we love this video?

This video is the perfect example of storytelling at its finest.

07: Slide Contacts

Slide Contacts is the fastest way to call, email and text your contacts – all you have to do is slide!

Why do we love this video?

The video on a whole looks really sharp and it’s the perfect example of a mobile app video done right!

06: Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is a service that will provide companies with Lone Worker Protection. They have created an innovative app to provide users with the perfect Lone Worker solution.

Why do we love this video?

This is a really engaging video as there is plenty going on, plus we love characters!

05: Spicerhaart Care Costs

Spicerhaart is a property management service that will help people sell their home, or rent it, if they need to go into care.

Unfortunately this video has been removed as the client no longer offers this service.

04: Date Check Pro

If you work in a shop and you regularly need to check expiry dates on products then the Date Check Pro can help. Check out the video below to find out why it made our top 4!

Why do we love this video?

It’s a nice style and although it’s slightly longer than we advise, it does a really great job of keeping your attention from start to finish.

03: EweMove

EweMove is a letting agent with a difference! If you are looking to rent or sell your home then you may just want to give them a call.

Why we love this video?

It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s full of sheep puns. What more do you need?
02: Click Submit Music Video

Click Submit provides SEO services that will help you get clicks to your site for a really low rate!

Why do we love this video?

It’s the first music video we've ever made so we're certainly proud of this one - possibly why it has come in at number 2! It also has a spaceship that takes off into space...

01: Tommy’s Yard

Tommy’s Yard is a website that allows builders to get all the items they need, all in one place! And it’s endorsed by celebrity builder Tommy Wash himself!

Why do we love this video?

There is a lot to love about his video! It’s bright, the characters are based on real people, the message is clear and Tommy Walsh reads the voiceover!

So there you have it, we hope you enjoyed our top 10! Here’s to 2014…Bring it on :)

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