Wimbledon is on its way...


Are you excited for Wimbledon? We certainly are!

In fact, we are SO excited that we've served up not one, not two, but THREE Wimbledon videos!

They each include a fun fact - so go grab a scone, a glass of Pimms and press play - it's time for a Wimbledon treat!

Fact 1: Tennis and Tim Henman

The frustration of losing was more than Tim could handle...

Fact 2: Tennis and Pigeons

Pigeons are not welcome at Wimbledon....

Fact 3: Tennis and the Trophy

Did somebody say pineapples?!


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Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn Thanks for reading! I'm Sarah a copywriter at Wyzowl - I enjoy a well-brewed cup of tea, I'm so short that I could pass for a borrower and I don't think I'll ever win the office Mario Kart tournament. I do however love my job because I get to write cool video scripts and fun blog posts, like this one!

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