What do great explainer videos have in common?

by Michaela Walsh on 28 May 2015


If you've made the decision to take the plunge and get an explainer video created, you'd be in good company. If the research is to be believed 69% of online traffic will consist of video content by 2017 which is pretty huge, and it's also likely to increase your chance of front page Google ranking by 53 times!

So using video as part of your marketing strategy is smart but what are the key elements to making a successful video? What do great explainer videos have in common?


A Great Script

"You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say."

Francis Scott Fitzgerald


First things first, what is it you have to say? What is it you really want your audience to take away from your video?

Once you know this you need to get a script put together but what makes a great script? Lucky for you that's what we specialise in, so here's a quick run down.

Plan it, this about your message and how you want it portrayed. It can be as straightforward as a step-by-step guide on how to use your app or website, or it can be something a bit more detailed with a story integrated into it. Something that your audience will relate to i.e. a problem they could be facing and how your product or service solves this.

The great thing is, if you're choosing an animated explainer video you can be really creative with your script because almost anything is possible in the animated world.

Another important element to consider when writing your script is the structure. So, whether you're creating an animated explainer video with a storyline or if it's more along the lines of a demo of your website or app, you need to think about how the video will flow. You want to engage your audience and for them to understand your point.


The Perfect Length

All the best explainer videos are between 1-2 minutes long, give or take. Research shows that as the length of the video increases there tends to be a drop off in the percentage of the video that is viewed. Approximately 70% of a 60 second video is viewed and about 65% is viewed for a 2 minute video.

So the longer you take to get your point across the more likely you are to lose your audience. Therefore, get your main point in during the first 30 seconds e.g. what is the problem you solve and you may be more likely to keep your audience captivated for the duration.


Audience Connection

There are a number of ways to encourage your audience to connect with your video and ultimately your brand.

Whether your target audience is CEOs, marketers, mums or teens, one thing is certain people like to be entertained no matter who they are. So add something different to your video; make it funny, surprise your audience or make it a little crazy, it's up to you. Great explainer videos find a way for their audience to connect with their brand so find your fun factor and do something in your video that you can't do with standard text.

Another way to help your audience connect with you and your brand is through the use of emotion this can be through making them smile but it can also be achieved by tapping into other emotions they experience when confronted with the problem your product or service solves. e.g. frustration, anger, sadness the options are almost endless so pick the one that works for your brand.


Great Graphics

Once you've put together a great script, worked out the ideal length and connected with your audience, you need some awesome graphics! The visuals are the cherry on top of your cake and will make the other hard work you've put into your explainer video come to life. It's important that your graphics are professionally done otherwise if they're patchy or unprofessional, you'll end up sending out all kinds of bad messages about your brand, which will end up undermining your whole message.


Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand the common features of great explainer videos, however, it is important to be individual and stand out. So by all means consider these elements but also try to think outside the box because ultimately you want to stand out from your competitors, and you want people to tune in and engage with your brand.

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