Why Design Agencies Need to Start Offering Web Video Production...

by Sarah Quinn on 05 March 2015


If you run a design agency then you probably already offer a ton of valuable services, but have you ever considered web video production?

The digital world is moving fast towards content and video, so if you want to stand out on top then you need to move with it. 

Are people really looking for video?

The short answer is yes, but we have the facts to back that up. 

We did a recent survey and found out that an incredible 80% of marketers say that video has given people a greater understanding on their service – and 68% feel that video is essential for business. 

A video really can help your clients attract more leads and sales, and as an agency, you are the perfect person to offer this. In fact, 40% of people said that they will outsource video to an agency because they want an expert to do it for them.



So by offering web video production as part of your service, you can stand apart from the crowd and become that expert.  

What does a website video involve?

A website video basically involves taking screen recordings from your clients website. It's a great way to show a web visitor how to use a product, before they sign up and buy. 

Take a look at this video we made for Redbooth (formally Teambox) as the perfect example:

A website video isn't the only option that you can offer your clients either! You can take your pick from a mobile video, or an animated video. Here's everything you need to know...
 - Mobile video

If your client has created an app then a mobile video would be the perfect service to offer them. It's similar to a website video as we would record the scenes directly from the users app, and it typically shows off the product and demonstrates how to use the app. 

Check out this mobile video that we created for Slide Contacts as a great example:

When it comes to animation, there are two options to choose from either animated with characters or animated without. An animated video is a more dynamic way to show off a brand. Check out the differences below... 
- Animated with characters
An animated with characters video allows you to tell a story in the most creative way possible. You can keep it professional, or have a little fun -- so you aren't constricted to the clients you offer this to. Check out a video that we made for ourselves -- as we explain the complex offside rule!

- Animated without characters

An animated without characters is still a great way to tell a story, but just doesn't involve using characters. Take a look at the video that we made for Kahn Tools so you can see how an animated without characters video would work...

But wait, I don't know how to create a video!

If you want to create a professional looking video that your clients will be proud to put on their website then yeah, you need to call in the experts.

But that's where a partner comes in -- like us!

Creating a partnership with a video agency can really help you expand your services -- and you can get a better deal that you would if you were to make a one-off order.

With fixed turnaround times, partnership discounts, plus skilled writers, illustrators, voiceover artists and animators, we can help you offer web video production as part of your service -- without the hassle of having to understand how to create a video!

Give us a call today and let's become friends.

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