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WORLD FIRST: Owl Learns Animation Skills! [April Fools’ Prank!]

We are so eager to announce that we have achieved the impossible! We have managed to train an owl to use After Effects. Check out the FULL story below……

Video production company Wyzowl has achieved an astonishing world first, having trained an owl to use Adobe After Effects – a digital tool used to create animated videos.

The UK based company discovered the owl’s special talent for motion graphics, having first adopted him as their office pet.

The team noticed there was something different about Apollofir when he would perch at a computer and mimic the movement of a video being animated.

Managing Director of Wyzowl, Matt Byrom said: “His skills became apparent to us when he started to peck at the keyboard and flap his wings while our animation team was at work.”

“Our Motion Graphics Manager Chris decided to hone in on the owl’s skills, by teaching him some basics. In just 3 days, Apollofir knew how to peck at the keyboard at the right time, and move the mouse using his claws.”

Originally from South America, Apollofir was rejected by his mother, so Wyzowl stepped in and brought him to his new home in the UK.

Byrom continued: “We’ve always been in the market for an office owl and when we heard about Apollofir’s terrible upbringing we just had to adopt him. The transformation was incredible, we never expected him to be able to create videos!

Byrom added: “I think we’ve got a long way to go before Apollofir is a fully fledged motion graphics designer. But, we’ll keep teaching him more skills and hopefully one day he will be able to take over the night shift.”

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